Automobile Accidents

We hope you are never injured in an automobile accident. But, if you are, we hope you allow us to provide your care during your recovery. We are the EXPERTS when it comes to treating musculosketetal injuries sustained in automobile accidents.

Did You Know?

  • Colorado law allows you to see a chiropractor without a referral from any other doctor.
  • Getting treated for your injures will not effect your insurance rate.
  • Chiropractic has been shown to be the most effective treatment for chronic whiplash pain.  (Journal of Orthopedic Medicine 1999)
  • Chiropractors have more training in treating spinal and orthopedic injuries than family practitioners. (Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery 1998)
  • Even low speed (minor) accidents can cause injures that can last for years. 
  • The doctors at Brady Chiropractic Group have taken specialized post-graduate training in diagnosing, documenting and treating auto-related injuries.
  • Dr. David Hansen, DC has been qualified as expert witnesses to testify in court regarding auto-related injuries.

Automobile Insurance

At Brady Chiropractic Group, billing automobile insurance companies is one of our specialties. We pride ourselves in taking care of all your insurance issues and billing. Through our many years of experience, our professional staff has established a great relationship with your automobile insurance company. We work with automobile insurance companies on a regular basis.

Things to Know if You Are Involved in An Automobile Accident

File a medical claim - even if you think you have no injuries.

"Med Pay coverage helps pay for a wide variety of accident related bills, no matter who’s at fault”. – Allstate

"A major benefit to having coverage on your auto policy is that Med Pay pays medical costs immediately. If the accident is not your fault, you do not have to wait for a settlement in order to begin paying medical costs” -

“The use of Med Pay coverage will not increase your premiums. You are also entitled to be paid the full amount of your medical expenses (up to the limit of your med pay)”. - and

“Med Pay coverage is a ‘no-fault’ coverage. This means negligence does not need to be proven – the injured party gets their money without having to go to court”. (Up to the limit of your med pay) -

Filing Through Liability (The at-fault driver's insurance)

“We do not pay medical bills as they are submitted to us. Patient is responsible for his/her own medical treatment and any incurred treatment. When patient is completely done treating and ready to settle claim, at that time, will they consider medical bills”. – State Farm (In many cases, settlement is lengthy.)

Often times, the liability (The at-fault driver's insurance) will settle with you at a lower amount than total treatment cost. The rest is patient responsibility. If you choose to file through liability insurance, it is in your best interest to retain an attorney.

  • Consult a chiropractor or medical physician within a week or two of your accident.

  • Soft tissue injuries may not show up for several weeks after the accident. Even low speed accidents can cause soft tissue injuries.

Your care is vitally important to us. Please feel free to contact us if you have questions regarding this information.