X-ray Services

At The Brady Chiropractic Group, PC our imaging department consists of the equipment, staff, facility and maintenance group that allows us to take diagnostic images in a safe and timely fashion. Having our imaging department on site speeds the process of diagnosing the patient immediately instead of sending them elsewhere and waiting for the results of the images taken.

We utilize a HCMI HF3000 imaging unit with a HCMI control panel. We have vertical and horizontal positioning allowing for radiographs to be taken in the standing, sitting, or lying positions. When possible, we prefer to take spinal radiographs in the standing position to help assess the effect of gravity on the spine.

Our doctors take and interpret films; however, we have certified staff members who take films as well. We have been using digital imaging since 2015. We can easily share your x-rays with other doctors and you can take a disc with you.

We have radiologists on call that interpret difficult x-rays for us or answer any questions we may have on a patient’s specific x-ray. Our facility is inspected once a year to ensure that our equipment is working properly and that our facility is safe.

Maintaining a working, safe, and efficient imaging department producing diagnostic images with accurate interpretation is our goal. We can do x-rays of the whole body allowing our staff to better see potential problems.

Click here to download our X-ray Request form, which should be completed by your referring doctor or chiropractor.